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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Little Over a Year Later

It has been over a year since I was in Haiti but the stories I heard and the things I saw are always going to be with me. When I was there I witnessed a delivery of 8 lb baby girl twins. I held baby A while baby B was making her way into the world. Baby A was later named Gabriella. I like to think Baby A (Gabriella) got her first hugs and loves from me....

Since then I have learned Gabriella's father passed away and both twins were given up for adoption. They were adopted by Yvrose who I got to know while I was in Haiti. She is a very nice woman who loves children. She has several children she did not give birth to but that does not stop her from loving them. I first meet Yvrose when we were doing surgery on one of her sons, she was in the room with us and had to help hold down his legs. She held her sons legs and cried and I just put my hand on her back in the only form of comfort I could offer at the time. He did not take the anesthetic well and the surgery was not done.

I found out recently Gabriella passed away. Yvrose contacted me on facebook and said "She got sick with a fever the night before, which was gone after taking medication; she had it again in the morning and Pierre Richard took him Wednesday morning to the hospital. She was transfered by HCM to PAP, two hospitals refused her for lack of space, she was already losing oxygen. When He arrived with her at the others hospital where she died, 6 american doctors cared for her for like 8-9 hours. They said that it was an infection on her brain. She is with her real daddy. I wish she were with us here"

Rest in peace sweet baby. God had a plan for you and you must have meet His plan. You will always be in my heart even if I only knew you for a short time. Can't wait to get to heaven and hold you again baby A :)