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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tax Time... BLAH

The month of Feb. is usually about people and their taxes. I get to hear about how they are getting 10,000 dollars back even though they only worked part time. Or getting 12,000 dollars back because they have three kids and did not work all year. Well... good for you I guess... Honestly it just irritates me. What you get back for your taxes should be your business because those of us who get little to nothing after working all year do not want to hear about it.

I would be happy if I could get back at least what I paid in. No such luck on that. The state of Kansas also likes to take MORE money from my family because obviously 3 grand was not enough. Pretty sure the people on unemployment and welfare do not have to pay into state or federal but STILL get money back!

Okay, so I am not doggin on welfare people or unemployed people. I am simply saying don't rub it in my face that you have been sitting on your butt all year and get backs thousands while my husband and I worked all year and got back... WAY LESS THAN THOUSANDS!!! If people need welfare, I say go for it. If they need unemployment, go for it! But why does the government give them back tons of money but being on it??

I constantly get the same answer... "you make too much money".. REALLY?? If you saw my checking account balance or the bills I pay every month you would not make that assumption. So I say Dear Kansas, give me some food stamps, cash assistance, pay my rent, pay my utilities, then send me 10 grand at the beginning of the New Year...

Usually I don't get too worked up about tax season because I just pay what I have to pay to Kansas. And I am thankful if I break even on federal. But this year I filed then received a letter from the state of Kansas. They want MORE money because apparently the amount I paid last year wasn't good enough!