One word cannot describe who I am. I am very complex but simple, loud but quiet... I am a constant contradiction to myself.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thanks Dream Crusher

As the semester started out I was pretty stoked because I knew it meant one semester closer to accomplishing my goal of a Bachelor's degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Victim/Survivor Services. I have been looking at jobs recently in Colorado that require my degree so I can find a job before my family moves to Colorado. So... I found a job that I really felt I would be good at and enjoy it was "child protection case worker." Well, one of my professors asked us what our career goal was, so I told her. Her response "You can't do that in Kansas unless you have a degree in Social Work" My response "Is that true for Colorado too because I saw the job posting and it stated "Bachelors in Social Work or similar degree" and of course I had to add p.s. now I have to look for a new career...thanks"

So, in the first week of this semester I have had one professor crush my dreams... I only have four other professors this semester so I don't think I could get crushed much more.....