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Friday, October 12, 2012

Do They Deserve A 2nd Chance?

Along with my full time job I also work a part-time job as a child/family advocate. So I often see children who have been sexually abused. One of my classmates made a comment that molesters are “scum bags” and my teacher responding by asking if I thought the same thing since I worked within that population. She also asked if I thought they could be rehabilitated. Honestly I work with the victims, not the molesters so my opinion is probably going to lean more towards the welfare of the child.
I don’t think all molesters are scum bags. In fact, there are several perps who are children themselves and I think there is definitely a chance for rehabilitation with them. They are just children even though they are hurting children. But I also struggle with what age should they be considered an adult? For instance, if a 15 yr old rapes an 11 yr old time and time again over a 4 year period.. should they suffer the consequences an adult would? There are many questions that arise when dealing with child sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. Most of the time they are hard to prosecute so clouser or “justice” is harder to get in turn making it harder on the victim. Also in my state the victim has to testify in court. We can no longer use transcripts or videos.
The adult offenders… my opinion… scum bags. I am not talking about the 18 yr old that had sex with a 15 yr old and is now a registered offender. The person made a stupid choice and now must live with it. I am talking about a man or woman who knowingly molests a child. A man who rapes an 18 month old and then kills him, a father who attempts to sodomize his 4 yr old son, an uncle who feels up on his niece, a grandfather who rapes his granddaughter… these people are scum. They should not get the chance for rehabilitation. I do not think they deserve it. I think they deserve to be locked away and endure the pain they caused their victims. But I am not the judge… They will have to face the judge of all one day and face the real consequences.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

To Upgrade or Stay...

So, I am currently struggling with a decision in reference to my car. I currently own a 2005 Pontiac G6 GT Sedan that I have loved since I bought it almost 6 years ago. I have put some money into it for minor things, keep up with the oil changes, and try to keep good tires on her. Now she is experiencing several problems. Check engine light on due to an evap problem, leaking oil, and just recently the power steering decides to randomly go out. I have also did some research and apparently this is a large problem and can cause bigger problems, just has wrecks. But of course GM found no reason to do a recall for this....

So, I can put 1,500 dollars into her and hope nothing else goes wrong. Mind you, she has 121,000 miles on her. Or I can look into buying a new car. Of course paying the 1500 would be less than a new car and there would be no payment required. BUT.. what if I put in 1500 and then the motor goes out?? I basically lit 1500 dollars on fire.

New cars... are expensive!!!!! I just cannot imagine paying 22,000 dollars for a car!! I only paid a bit more than that for the house I live in. I cannot believe we are paying this much for cars. I know you say... how about a used one. Well, I am all about a used car... but they are around 15,000 dollars. May as well pay the extra 5 grand and get a car no one has ever had before, and a car with no hidden issues. Also, car dealers are sleazy... I am afraid of getting a piece of crap, or something that runs great until the warranty goes out.

Research, research, research... that is what I am doing right now. Looking at cars and what people think about them and the things that go wrong with them. And I am seeing a trend... those cheap cars (8000 or so) are not lasting long at all. So, I am now on the hunt for a 4 dr car, good gas mileage (around 30 mph or more), no too expensive, great reviews, and lasts awhile.... good luck right.... :P