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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Making Money

Sometimes I wonder if I take on a bit too much. As of now I am working two full time jobs and then doing some photography on the side. At the ripe age of 27 I should be working a day job and be home with my family at night, but that is not the case. I often wonder why I do this to myself.

The full time day job I have is amazing and I love it! I love the work I do, I love the people, and I LOVE my boss! I just wish the money was enough to pay my bills plus the gas money it takes to drive 38 miles one way to work. My night job is the job I have had for seven years. For me leaving is hard because not only am I comfortable but I am also loyal. I know that if I leave they would have to go through the hiring process which can take up to six months, and in that time everyone else would have to work overtime. So, there is a part of me that feels for my co-workers.

Family seems to be the deciding factor though and location. If I stay with the day job that means moving my son to a different school, selling my house, moving to a different town and my husband would have to change jobs. Pros would be: home every night with my family, holidays off, and weekends off. To be honest I have never actually worked a “day job”. I have always been on midnights or evenings shifts at every place I work. So my first day job is being a forensic interviewer and it is awesome. Just wish the money was a bit better.

Money… I knew my degree in human services was not going to make me a lot of money. On top of that I got my letter from my student loans... they want me to pay 356 dollars a month!!! WOW! Now, I live in a different place than most but rent here is about 350 a month. So, there is no way I can pay an additional house payment with one paycheck. In the end my friends it looks like I will continue to work these two jobs until things are paid off or until I get fired from one.


  1. Hope you can keep up the two jobs so you can pay down that debt. Also good idea to try and negotiate a lower debt repayment "in case". Then you can always top up the payments and try to pay it off faster.

  2. I think the student loans are the only thing I really can't do. Hopefully they will work with me on it!!!