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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New World, Old News

The theory that some people have of everyone putting a stop to racism, sexism, abuse, and other horrid things are just that... a theory. A theory that has no basis or truth in it. We are a nation of critics. Many of us (including me) find it disgusting to live in a world where horrible things will never cease; unfortunately this is the world we live in.

A world where people throw their newborns in trash cans, shoot children, participate in mass shootings, ect. Let’s take the Steubenville rape case for example. Two boys, ages 16 and 17 raped a girl and videotaped it. Not only did they video tape it but other people did as well. Others also took pictures and posted them online. The video of the rape was posted on YouTube… I am not sure what I find more disturbing the fact that is was broadcasted on the internet, or the fact that there were a bunch of people around and no ONE person stood up!! Not one person in the place had a back bone to stand up for this 16 yr old girl who was lying unconscious.

Next we have Detroit. Number 4 on the list of ten of the worst places to live, and the only place that was on the list because of crime rate. From Monday March 25th at 6am-Tuesday March 26th at 6am there have been seven shootings.. yes I said SEVEN!! In the past 24 hours. It goes to show the world is not getting better or learning from past mistakes. We are just creating new ones. A toddler was shot and killed after his mother did not give to KIDS her money, the money she did NOT have. What a sick sick world we live in.

A sick world that is forever changing and usually not for the good.