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Thursday, June 6, 2013


So I have just returned home from Washington DC. The Nations capital. I was honored to attend a leadership conference for my job as a forensic interviewer and child advocate. I was able to learn several things and hope to bring most of them back to my agency.

On this trip I was able to take my husband which was also nice. However, since I was in class most of the day he was out by himself seeing the sights. To be honest I don't think he actually minded that much because he was able to go see whatever he wanted on his own time. He had the chance to see many things but I was unable to see much.  However, there were a few things I did get to see.

On the second day of the conferene we had Hill Day visits. Since I am from Kansas my group was assinged to see Senator Pat Roberts, but since he was busy we spoke with one of his staff members instead. The focus of our conversation was about funding for Children's services being zeroed from the budget by the President. Instead of giving money to us they are going to use the money to build a new prison and use the money for offenders. We have been given this money for 22 years and have proven year after year that we are making progress in the fight against child abuse. We were also able to meet Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins. She was unaware of the current bill but is aware now and is on our side. Such a huge thing for us!

Before coming home my husband and I made the trip to Arlington. It was beautiful and sad. The man we spoke with stated there were about 27 full honors funerals a day!!! I couldn't imagine working in a place so sad. The rows of graves took on so much beauty yet so much sadness. I was not ble to see a lot in DC but being able to visit Arlington was worth more than seeing the White House any day.

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