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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Day of Mothers

It is almost the day to honor our mothers. Mothers by birth, by blood, or just by being the mother figure in someone’s life are the qualifications. As mothers we are depended on to do so many things, yet they do not seem like much because it is just our job. The job of mom is so broad I would not be able to even list the things we do.

I was very blessed to have an amazing mother. My mom taught me to work hard, be independent, how to love, show compassion, and many more things. As the daughter of a single mother I am possibly a bit more independent than most females. My mom often tells me to slow down, or that I take too much on. Mom, I learned from the best. I remember you working more than one job and sometimes three jobs. I remember when you were off you always tried to do something with us, even if it was weeding the garden at the same time. By the way that was horrible and children should not have to weed a garden that is 10ft by 10ft. (That is probably an exaggeration but it seemed like it).

So as a mother I try to make sure I am providing for my child and giving him the extra things. My mom worked hard to give us the minimum and I am forever grateful for that. For me.. well I am want to give more. I know money is not the most important thing, but I think experiences are. I want my son to experience arcades, toys, trips, and other material things and if I can provide those things and still pay my bills then those things he shall have. However, I also want to provide him with tools to learn respect, love, compassion, and self control.

So, I raise my glass (of water) in a toast to mothers everywhere.. no one understands our jobs except us!

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